Arise and Laugh

you are a M.O.M. when.....
you find yourself asleep dreaming about the dreams you once had as a child and the different paths you could have taken during and after high school. You know the dreams where you are flying around the world helping everyone you can in the Peace Corp, or performing at Julliard, or winning the Olympic Gold Medal for women's volleyball.Beep Beep Beep goes the alarm and all those dreams are over and the greatest dream and path ever taken are your next footsteps to go make breakfast and lunch for all the little ones that are waiting for you.

This ones inspired by the lovely women I was privileged to meet and laugh with this weekend. All of us could have taken different paths at different times in our lives, but I believe everything happens for a reason. It doesn't matter if it was our mothers influence or non-influence, accidents, or prayer, that led us down our path now, I believe we are where we are because what we are doing now is more important than we will ever know. So NOW walk with your head held high because you are accomplishing your greatest adventure, nothing will ever measure up!


Karin said...

Thanks, Cobi. I love you!!!