Arise and Laugh

you know you are a M.O.M. when……

a diaper sagging, booger crusted, mouth drooling, dirt covered child walks up to you crying and you think “Isn’t he so cute!”

It doesn’t matter if you put life into this child or not. Any woman who thinks that a child in this state is cute has to be a mom. How can you resist giving them a hug to cure those tears. It doesn’t matter if you just put on the most expensive outfit you own or just out of the shower. When you see this child the heart strings pull and you care about nothing in the world but making this little one better. It is this sensitivity and natural instinct that makes us great, strong, super M.O.M.’s.

Remember if you are a good M.O.M. 60% of the day you are a good M.O.M!