Arise and Know

More and more information is coming out on the Fort Hood killer Hasan. And it is getting worse. I am once again even more convinced that political correctness is burying America. Political correctness played a major role in last weeks massacre. Here are the facts...Hasan is a terrorist. Top officials knew. No one did anything. If it were my husband, brother, son, friend, among the 13 killed, there would be hell to pay. I have no ties to anyone killed or wounded, but I am livid. Why? Because this could have been prevented. I read this morning that one fellow soldier who worked with Hasan told higher-ups that Hasan was a "ticking time bomb." This man went on to say that he was shocked, but not surprised about Hasan's deadly rampage. The signs were there months and months ago.

In light of what has happened this past week, I have come to a realization...I cannot give top US officials (FBI, CIA, Homeland Security etc.) the benefit of the doubt any longer. It used to be that I would expect the PC non-sense from politicians and corporate America, but not from them. Not from the men and women whose job it is to protect and defend our nation! Before Fort Hood, I would have thought that even ONE SINGLE SIGN of a radical Muslim in our military would have been addressed IMMEDIATELY. Right? Was I alone in thinking that? It saddens me that I have lost faith in those whom I once believed put politics aside as they made critical decisions regarding the safety of America. Being politically correct was more important to them. And 13 people are dead because of it...because they enabled an Islamic extremist to STAY in the military.
Click on Arise and Know to view Hasan's "calling card." Outrageous.


Kaly Shippen said...

Excellent commentary! Couldn't agree more. Where is the real leadership on this?

Brad said...

Great commentary on the woes of political correctness. Nothing good comes from political correctness. Good for you in standing up and stating the truth as we know it and not skirting around the issue.