Arise and Dance

Just a disclaimer: I HATE VALENTINE'S DAY! I think it's ridiculous the whole idea, plus who needs another holiday to overindulge on candy and junk?

When you were a kid it was a day full of anticipation. Making the best Valentine's box for the school Valentine's party. Of course you'd always lose to the kid who's parents definitely had a hand in creating their masterpiece. Then the excitement of hoping for a valentine from that one boy (you know, the one not in your homeroom class, so it would take extra effort for him to get it to you). And you were sure he would because he actually picked you as his square dance partner last week during gym time. Only to be disappointed that he gave his special valentine to another girl (this week's FLAVOR OF THE WEEK).

Then when you're older and single and you celebrate SAD (Single Awareness Day) and wear black to protest while inside your'e just extremely lonely and Valentine's is the day that reminds you just how pathetic you are.

Now you're married and tell your significant other that you are so in love that you don't need a day to celebrate it so you're not doing gifts and then he doesn't and you're still disappointed.

What a ridiculous day! I'm protesting all weekend with this collection of love songs. Enjoy. I'll continue to love and be happy every other day of the year!

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Malia said...

Totally enjoyed these today, Heid! Agree completely on the ridiculousness we call Valentine's Day.

Frenchy chick said...

HAHAHA You are hilarious! Girl, i sent a actual picture to Hubby telling him what i want for Valentine...I don't wait on him to surprise me with anything!!!!. Valentine is my excuse to get a new perfume...LOL
I agree, it can be frustrating at times... In France it's not that big...Nothing at school.