Arise and Learn

Des Talents, des hobbies?

I don't have any...I don't like anything. This was our conversation few years ago with Hubby. Then, it hit me...I had lost myself. It happens to a lot of Moms...Then i went on a journey to find what would make ME happy, exited, fulfilled. Now i have so many hobbies, i can't count. Pets...love them...Hatching my first chicks...moment we all still talk about.

Birthday cakes...The amazements in all eyes.

Photography...As to try to catch a precious memory.

And laugh...Mommy it's cold in Utah...

I am a happier Mom, my kids are happier around me. I teach them by example, that if they work at it, they can do anything and love every moments of it. Life is fun and i love to do so many things now. Life is beautiful.

Avec amour to the Moms Arise Team. XOXO

***any technical difficulties are due by Cobilynn not Isa.


Frenchy chick said...

Was fun to write this for you guys...Keep up the good blog!!!