Arise and Learn

Tomorrow we will pick up where we left off with the documentary, which I feel is an eye opener to some things and the most is yet to come. I hope you all do take a look at it no matter where your political views lie, it is just knowledge for us all to have and decide what to do with.

Today lets Arise and Learn from each other. I want to hear from you about your thoughts on the State of the Union address from our President last night. I found myself nodding my head at a lot of things and wondering this is a really good SPEECH. What happens after? What about all the other things you are doing that do agree with what you are talking about right now? (if you don't know what these are ask or find out for yourself, they are there) He was reaching out to all of us and we all need to have some kind of opinion or our heads are in the sand. What do think? Seriously, I want to hear from you.


Frenchy chick said...

Well i have to say Obama is a good preacher...Have to say only one side of the room was cheering and standing... I thought, all that excitement is really weird. It's not Super bowl yet !HAHAHA.
His attempt of getting things his way by preaching is not my favorite.
I come from a socialist country (France)Anyone with big cars and big houses trying to copy a country with buses and apartments and worse economy than ours... Doesn't make sense...

M.O.M.s Arise said...

Love your insight. I think it puts things in a whole new perspective looking from the outside.