Arise and Learn

National Hunt for happiness continues today with the question what makes you happy?
I was asked this recently and was told to write down all my answers and do one of them every week at the same time. As I thought about this I felt like there were lots of answers that would give me happiness for a moment. Things like salon, spa, movie, GNO, all of these things would be fun but would they give me happiness. The happiness I am hunting for is the natural one and this is what I have come up with.

Natural Happiness comes when you have balance and are CONTENT with who you are and where you are in life. Not one thing in this life is going to make you happy, only you can do that. I am learning that this takes humility, compassion(sometimes for yourself), and love(most of all of yourself). On your hunt for happiness what have you found?

*****disclaimer I am not a doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist....I am a M.O.M. with wisdom that M.O.M.s have inside.


Frenchy chick said...

Love that..made me smile.