Arise and Know


Democrats: Be afraid, be very afraid. That is the message that America sent yesterday in Massachusetts (the most liberal state in the union) when the voters elected Republican Scott Brown. This is a tidal wave that is going to take out the Democratic majority come November. America has spoken and the people got something right this time.

Attached is a video that shows just how out of touch politicians are to the way the majority of America is really feeling right now. We are revolting against an extreme administration, with extreme leftist policies. It's only been a year and our country is almost un-recognizable. WE ARE TAKING IT BACK! Yesterday was a great day for democracy. Do you think our elected officials are out of touch? Do you think they will listen now?


Julie said...

Amen! I did not think it was possible, especially in Massachutes. I am thrilled to find out how many of us are out here...ready to take OUR country back from people who want to change it into an America that we will not recognize.

Me said...

This country is not unrecognizable??? What are you talking about? So sorry that the President actually wants to do something good for a change rather than take all of our military and blow the hell out of people so that we can have some control over stinking oil. It makes me sad when I read comments like this. You really don't see the whole picture, but then that is what politics does to people, gives them tunnel vision. Wake up!

Nicole Wayment said...

I am sorry that what was said made you so outraged. But what I said is what I believe to be the absolute truth. To me, this country is unrecognizable. For instance, our president appointed a czar (Kevin Jennings) who supported the handing out of fisting kits to school age children. And another appointed staffer who idolizes Mao Tse Tung (who is responsible for the mass murder of millions of innocent people). There is so much more. I fully believe that our president is bad for our country and is a very shady person. I don't have tunnel vision, I am awake, and I am anything but ignorant. I am all for an honest and civilized debate, and I hope that in the future you are too.

Anonymous said...

YES! I'm not completely up to speed on politics lately, but I did read this bit of news online the other day, and I was excited about it!