Arise and Laugh

You are a M.O.M. when......
you cry at every touching story, movie, commercial, song,TV show.

I was watching American Idol last night and found myself crying about some of these stories from the contestants. I was then laughing at myself for my over reactive emotions. I remember watching my mom as a kid and looking over to see if she is crying over something trivial(I thought) and now my kids to it to me. I started getting emotional over these things long before I had my own loved ones. I think it's a hormonal thing so when the hormones start changing we become over reactive. All that we can do is laugh at ourselves!!!! Also be happy that we have divine compassion and love within.


Me said...

It is amazing that we M.O.M.'s can feel so much for so many. Must be why we have to go crazy every so often.