Arise and Laugh

You are a M.O.M. when.....
you are required on an airplane to put the oxygen mask on first and then on loved ones or others around you.

This analogy has been one of my favs for years. Although I have to remind myself of all that it implies often. Because we (M.O.M.s) are always taking care of others we become easily drained of energy and oxygen. It is so important that we give ourselves oxygen first so we are then ABLE to care for EVERYONE else.
Today is National Bubble Bath Day so celebrate this day by giving your self some oxygen and enjoying a wonderful bubble bath.
Happy Bubble Bath Day!


Cherie said...

I arrived here from direction of Sanctuary Arts and what a wonderful blog you have. I too have often used the oxygen mask as an example of helping others by helping yourself first. That and the life jacket. I will take a bubble bath today. Thanks for letting me know!

Me said...

wow I really do miss being able to read this everyday, you al have something great to share! (someday we'll get a computer of our own)love you cobi.

Natti said...

sadie didn't write that i did, natti. i didn't realize she was signed in, oops.