Arise and Learn

My daughter brought home an advent calender from church that I absolutely love and definately brings the true meaning of christmas. It is an advent calander of the birth of our Savior All you need is a ribbon, kisses and a print out of the scriptures. The first day starts with
Luke 2:1, Luke 2:2, Luke 2:3, Luke 2:4, Luke 2:5, Luke 2:6, Luke 2:7,
Luke 2:8, Luke 2:9, Luke 2:10, Luke 2:11, Luke 2:12, Luke 2:13,
Luke 2:14, Luke 2:15, Luke 2:16, Luke 2:17, Matthew 2:1&2,
Matthew 2:3&4, Matthew 2:5&6, Matthew 2:7&8, Matthew 2:9, Matthew 2:10, Matthew 2:11, and Matthew 2:12.
This is a wonderful way to teach our kids the Christmas story. Doing one scripture a day also helps us to discuss and truly understand the birth of our Savior.