Arise and Laugh

you know you are a M.O.M. when....
the one thing you look forward to are the adorable hand made creations brought home from school by your loved ones. (NOT, lol)

I know, I know it is a labor of love.... and it can be enjoyed in their room for the holiday season. Then put in the round file. I just recently "filed" something that I have kept for a few years now and just can't do it anymore, a paper plate with a hand print. Oh! and the glitter, what are they thinking. It not only got all over the classroom but at my house it just keeps on giving year after year. I realize glitter sounds like a great idea, but seriously when is it ever fabulous? I do cherish these gifts at the time and have even shed a few tears over some, but then the moment passes and I file them. Enjoy the gift giving season!