Arise and Know

According to an article I read this morning, our soldiers are being sent to Afghanistan with inadequate packs and weapons. They are purchasing their own packs from commercial stores (cabellas) with THEIR OWN MONEY because the ones given them have heavy plastic straps that cut off circulation to their arms. I find this totally unacceptable. With all the money that our country spends on defense, wouldn't you think that there would be enough in the budget for decent packs? What aggravates me even more is all the attention going towards the Health Care Bill while our soldiers are being neglected. The priorities of our government is mind boggling. Who is standing up for our military? I haven't heard of a single politician who has chosen to address this issue. Our military deserves the BEST. Also int the article are some more issues with weaponry and the camo coloring. What about all the BILLIONS of dollars left over from the stimulus package?...Which can also be called a slush fund. Lets put that to good use instead of using it for bribing politicians for votes for this outrageous Health Care Bill. Click on this post to read the article.