Arise and Know

Obama says that he is close to a troop decision. Seriously? It's been weeks since General McCrystal has requested a troop surge in Afghanistan, and our president is still on the fence? That does not sound like leadership to me. Yesterday I was listening to talk radio and a caller said something about Sarah Palin being president vs Obama, and that he thought men are better leaders than women. That got me thinking long and hard about someone like Sarah being our president. I have read a lot about her, listened to her at every possible moment, and so I am not ignorant when I say that I think she would handle this particular situation much better than Obama. Her decision would have been made long ago. She would have shown respect to the General and our troops by doing so as well. What I really like about her is that she doesn't cater to anyone but the people she serves. I would sleep better at night if she were making these decisions. Obama has never looked so much like a man-child as he does right now.

Here is what I think about the war...FIGHT TO WIN, or bring all our troops home. If we are not in it to win it with everything we have, then that is a huge slap in the face to all our brave men and women in the middle east. What about them? It is not fair to our military. We are in this war whether we like it or not, so FIGHT LIKE A MAN MR. PRESIDENT...or please, please bring our troops home so that no more lives are lost because of your inadequacies.
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