Arise and Be Thankful

I am thankful to live in the greatest country on earth. I am so blessed to be a part of a nation filled with men and women who are so selfless, who are fighting and dying overseas to protect my freedoms. Four soldiers died yesterday in Afghanistan. They died for us. How many children do not have a father or mother because of their sacrifice? How many women are at home right now mourning the loss of their other half? I have so much. My husband comes home every night, he tucks our kids in bed, they see him everyday. How many children get to tell their father or mother that they love them through a letter and occasional phone call? No kiss on the cheek, no hug, no homework help, no daily encouragement, and an empty seat at the dinner table every night. Not only am I thankful for our soldiers, but I love them. They are blindly obedient. While the politics of this war is at its highest, they don't have a say, they just fight and try to stay alive one day at a time. Thank you military and God bless you and your sweet families.

Click on this article to watch a 42 second video that will touch your heart. Grab the tissues, I cry EVERY time.


Cobilynn said...

Thank you, Thank you to all that sacrifice so much for me and my family. Nicole thank you for the reminder of how blessed we all are.

Jamie said...

She wasn't kidding when you said grab the tissues! {{sniff, sniff}} Thank you for sharing that. It's a great reminder of what a lot of families have been & are going through for all of us!