a M.O.M. + a M.O.M. + a question"Why not us?" + time + brilliance = our blog

We believe in M.O.M.s (Managers Of Mayheim)!!! We believe that a woman doesn't become a M.O.M. when she gives birth, she becomes a M.O.M. when a she accepts her Divine Role in this world. Every woman has a unique ability to influence the world around her. M.O.M.s Arise believes in this ability and strives to empower M.O.M.s to be fulfilled as a M.O.M. Being A M.O.M.

I find myself asking myself "Why if you could help someone, why wouldn't you?" All too often these days I find more people taking advantage of me rather than adding advantage for me, and the fact is ME the M.O.M. now has a lot more say in the world, more than ever before. The world is starting to understand