Arise and Laugh

You are a M.O.M. when....
you go on vacation you feel like your younger self again, especially with your significant other.

My other and I went away recently and it's amazing when I was away from the day to day routine and all the boundries I put up how much fun, carefree, sexy, funny and silly I was! I was able to allow myself to be attractive and attracted to my significant other. And then we were driving to the airport and all the walls started growing again. Why do you think this happens? I think this is why it is so important to have weekly dates, what do you think?


Frenchy chick said...

We go on a date once a week. It is a rule for an healthy marriage. Yes, life is so crazy, we need once a week to reconnect. Communication is a talent. Not everybody was blessed with it. A date helps SO much!
Some of my friends say they don't because they fight the whole time. They need that date especially if they need to talk about problems. Because it should not be done in front of the kids.