Arise and Know

CNN SHOCK POLL: 52% say Obama doesn't deserve reelection in 2012.

Despite Obama and his administration's ambitions of trying to down play the tea-party movement, blaming everything on Bush, and trying to pass a Health Care Bill (which they say EVERYBODY wants, even if they don't know it yet)...Obama's poll numbers continue to shrink. This latest poll has to be a huge blow to the President. He preys on the weak and needy in his efforts to "distribute the wealth," AKA...Socialism. But will this latest poll help him to realize that he is so out of touch with the American people? Click on this post to read more about this shock poll. What would you have voted in this poll?


Idaho_Dalton said...

This doesn't surprise me, but I doubt a poll will help him realize anything. He is an ideologue and he has an aggressive agenda for change. Let's hope he stays out of touch.