Arise and Know

2010 is a big year for campaigning and we will be seeing a lot going on in the coming months. But now is the time to do your research. Next Tuesday Mass. will be voting for a new seat in the Senate and I love this reminder from the Rep. candidate Brown.
“It’s not the ‘Kennedy Seat,’ ’’ Brown has been reminding Coakley lately. “It’s the people’s seat.’’
It is our seat that will be filled this year are you prepared to vote? Here are some questions to look up and find, then you will be able to make an educated vote.
1. Who is up for reelection?
2. What is their voting record? Do you agree with the vote?
3. Who is backing the candidate and why?
4. What are they working on?
These are just a few and all of them are available to you with just a touch of a button? If you are having trouble just ask Nicole by leaving a comment? Do you have any other good questions that should be addressed?