Arise and Laugh

you are a M.O.M. when.....
instead of writing letters TO Santa, you write letters FROM Santa.

This weekend a cute loved one brought me a letter to read that she had received from Santa last year. It was so cute and you could tell the pride and joy in the child's eyes as she brought it to me. Writing these letters from Santa has become so fun with all of the support from modern technology (click of Arise and Laugh to link to free Santa Letters).
Writing letters, buying gifts, the stories are all so exciting. It makes the magic even more real when you see the light in a child's eye light up. Take a minute today to enjoy your Santa responsibilities by thinking about the joy on Christmas morning. Remember gifts are a symbol of the greatest gift of all.


buchananclan said...

This is such a good idea Cobi!!! I think I might have to start this tradition...thanks for the idea

Nicole Wayment said...