Arise and Know

When a person decides to run for congress, they should have to take a few tests in order to be able to even put their name on the ballet. First test, economics...balancing a budget, and how you don't spend money when there is NONE! Second test should be some type of questionnaire just to make sure this person has common sense. What kind of questions could be on the common sense test one might ask? I have one for ya...

If a terrorist responsible for mutilating 4 innocent US citizens was caught by Navy SEALS who gave him a bloody lip during his capture, what should happen?

a. The Navy SEALS should be praised as heroes and the terrorist should be given the same treatment he gave to our fellow Americans.
b. The terrorist should be able to file charges against the Navy SEALS because he suffered a painful bloody lip. Have you ever had a bloody lip? Those suckers hurt!
It gets dry and scabs over and you have to keep putting Vaseline on it, and that can be so annoying.

I have a lot more where that came from. But what got me ranting on about how it's only common sense to give common sense tests before elections?... $2,993. That is the amount of money that Nancy Pelosi spent on flowers in 5 months!...with TAXPAYER dollars. Wait until you read how much was spent on food. This makes my blood boil. At a time when unemployment is at it's highest in decades and people are barely making enough to put food on the table, our politicians are spending OUR money like they are dying tomorrow! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Here's the deal, either these scumbags do not have common sense and didn't take Economics in high school, OR they have NO respect for the people they represent. I believe it's both. Click on this post to read what republicans and democrats alike are doing with YOUR money.