Arise and CALL!

It's time to kill this bill. Yes, kill the health care bill. Another march on Washington is about to take place today at noon. Michele Bachmann (R) of Minnesota has called on all Americans to bring the town halls to Washington. Today, Freedom loving Americans are arriving from all parts of the country to look their Congressmen in the eyes and say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH." Members of Congress are set to vote on the health care bill by the weekend...the Titanic is about to hit the iceberg gang! The time to act is now. If you too are a freedom loving American and are not in D.C. today, YOU still have power. Call your Congressmen now! Yes NOW! It's time to flood their telephone lines! Remember, they work for you and many of them need to be reminded of that. Don't know what to say? Easy, try this..."I am calling to let (name) know that I do not want any type of a public option health care bill passed. Therefore, I do not want (name) voting in favor of the bill. Thank you." And if you are anything like me you might add "and if (name) does vote in favor of the bill then he/she will not have my vote come next elections." Below is a link to help you find the number you need to call. Just click on your state!


Remember, if this bill is passed, the government will have total control over every aspect of our lives. It's about control. I want my freedom, and I want my children to have theirs as well.


Arise said...

I just called all of my Congressman and told them how I feel and know I feel great!!! That was awesome thank you for pointing me in the write direction.