Arise and Laugh

you are a M.O.M. when you.....
become Santa and forget to eat the cookies.

I love the magic that happens at Christmas time and with all of that magic comes a forgetful M.O.M. because I am just too excited about teaching the meaning of Christmas and the gifts of love. Who cares about the cookies? Oh, the kids do!
I didn't become Santa until I was married because even after I was eight and figured life out, my mother told me I had to BELIEVE or Santa would not come. I was taught that Santa was a symbol of our Savior and that he is the REASON for the SEASON. I loved this! I am glad my mother kept the magic alive. I still feel the magic in my heart and am passing it on the my loved ones. Merry Christmas!!!


Jamie said...

I love this Cobi. KK found out about Santa this year & it broke my heart. I think I'll follow your mom's example & keep the magic alive too! :) Thanks for sharing!