Arise and Laugh

you are a M.O.M. when......
you are asked by an adult to be a designated driver at the ripe old age of 17 (not an adult).

I am sure there are more than enough nanny experiences to go around, but here is one I laugh about all the time. As a Manager Of Mayhem is upstate New York, I had no idea I was going to be a manager of not just the kids, but their mom as well. One Friday night the mom wanted to go to the local night out under the Big Top, to drink and dance with friends. The husband volunteered to stay home and asked that I go as her driver and babysitter. Yep, you read correctly, me age 17 the designated driver of the 33yr old mom, who danced and drank the night away.
This is just one experience where I became the M.O.M at such a young age.
Oh the MAYHEM!!! LOL


Nicole Wayment said...

You were a nanny in NY?