Arise and Laugh

you are a M.O.M. when.....
in your rush to have everything in order, everyone where they need to be with everything they need, you end up at your destination, feeling fabulous at your accomplishment of making the impossible possible, and then.......... your friend or co-worker asks "Why are you wearing two different shoes!"(CRASH,you almost made it)

I know a classic in the book of M.O.M.'s. Isn't it funny now thinking back on when this happened to you. We are the last ones to bed and usually the first ones to rise and even then we are the last ones completely ready. To me this is the sign of a true M.O.M. that loves everyone so much they are more important than herself.
The truth is in order to keep going day in and day out we need to be first every once in awhile. Time to recover and rejuvenate, so that we are ready to laugh the next time we show up with our blouse half buttoned or no mascara on. Take some time every month, week or day for some R&R.