Arise and Laugh

you are a M.O.M. when......
you are addicted to diet coke and chocolate.

You know that feeling when you just can't go on one more second, you can't do one more thing for anyone else, BUT then the thought comes "Diet Coke! CHOCOLATE! then I can do anything." It may or not be true that it's the caffine that helps, but the fact remains, it works! The truth is you had it in you from the beginning you just needed a push forward. For some of you it might be some other vise (mountain dew, dr. pepper, chips, licorice, a time-out, or prayer), whatever it is it's okay (by me), do what you need to to have the best day yet and take a bite for me today!


Nicole said...

Okay, I am addicted to chocolate! It's getting worse. I think I need an intervention!!!