Arise and Know

If you are easily offended, a fan of political correctness, or have body spasms when hearing phrases like "Merry Christmas"- then read at your own risk...

I am thankful to have God in my life. I am a lover of reading the news and staying on top of current events is a passion. Some may find it hard to stay positive after reading the news and hearing the truth, but I am not one of those people. I believe that having faith in Christ has created a balance in my life. I know my family and I will be okay if we do what is right and follow Him. I am a lucky woman to have that knowledge. It sustains me. I am thankful that I have the desire to teach my 4 beautiful children about God and our Savior. They will know Him and they will know that without Him, life is not so sweet. (I know this from my own experience). For a while now I have been thinking of where our country is headed, and we as a society are going. This is one wicked world. My two only living grandparents gasp at what people are able to do these days, and it is wildly accepted. We welcome no more prayer in school, no more "Merry Christmas" because Christ is in the word, nativity scenes are now known as offensive...and yet a nearly naked woman on our television screen is absolutely fine. We laugh at and adore those Superbowl beer commercials, a man-on-man kiss at the AMA awards is applauded, yet the thought of Christ revolts us? REALLY? We are driving God away. Have you ever thought that maybe He might just be a gentleman and take a step back?...and in some cases I think He already has.

I am a God-fearing woman. I love Him. No matter what is going on out in the fiery world, I can close my front door and ask for His presence in my home to protect my family and sustain us through the wars of life. I am thankful for a God who is ever-so-present, if we but ask.

Click on this post to hear a good message. Let us not share the Innkeeper's sorrow; Let Him In.


Cobilynn said...

You are AMAZING!!!! You just keep knocking me over with your passion. Love it!

Karin said...

Amen. I appreciate your insight.