Arise and Know

Big news day today. Usually I am able to sift through the news of the day and pick an article that is most important to me. But today is tough. There is one that makes my blood boil, and that is the one I have attached and will expand on, but there are several others that I have been glued to this morning. Here is a little taste...HEALTH CARE BILL PASSES HOUSE late Saturday night. It is now headed to the Senate and is receiving immediate resistance. Sen. Joe Lieberman (Connecticut Independent) has publicly said he will vote against the bill. Democrats need his vote to overcome GOP filibusters. Take a moment with me to imagine the lobbying going on right now in Washington... Alrighty then, moving on...GOLD HITS RECORD HIGH AS DOLLAR LOSES VALUE. Not good gang, not good. Also, Chavez is preparing his military for war? Yes, this creepy, evil, Iran-loving dude is once again making headlines. I wonder if Sean Penn is going to go over to Venezuela and try to talk "peace" with his best bud. And how about this...British spies help prevent a terrorist attack on the New York subway. The 24 year old Najibullah Zazi, a shuttle bus driver from Denver, was in advanced stages of this particular attack and is being charged with conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction.

And now for the blood-boiling story of the day...US intelligence agencies were aware MONTHS ago that Army Major Hasan (Fort Hood killer) attempted to contact al Qaeda. Yes you read that right, they new months ago people. So the question is, could this have been prevented? Shouldn't there be a no-tolerance policy ESPECIALLY when it comes to the men and women in uniform? Wouldn't you think that our intelligence agencies would have interogated Hasan ASAP? And this guy was about to be shipped off to the war. I can only imagine what Hasan wanted to talk to al Qaeda about. Click on my post for the article.