Arise and Know

Results for Nov 3rd elections: The Dems are shakin' in their boots people!

Huge victories in NJ and Virginia. While the Dems are making this seem minimal, we know the truth. They are paddling ducks trying to look calm above water. But claiming victory in NY 23rd? Yes, okay, Bill Owens (D) did win, but lets take a simple look at this. RINO Dierdre Scozzofuzzawubba (FYI, name spelling is not accurate) was endorsed by Republicans and the Republicans ran ads against Conservative Doug Hoffman who was swiftly gaining favor among Independents. Good ol' Dierdre dropped out of the race on Saturday and endorsed opposing Democrat Owens. Oh how lovely. Were the odds against 3rd party Hoffman? I think so. And the results...Hoffman 46,746 votes to Owens 50,712 votes. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that those numbers are too close for comfort. 2010 looks very promising for Conservatives.



Thanks for the info. We ALL need to get engaged now for next year or we are going to be left out of the decision making.