Why Arise?

We believe that M.O.M.’s are the driving force of the world. We are the ones loving, nurturing, educating, influencing, and shopping for everyone around us. We want all M.O.M.’s to ARISE and laugh for this is the best way to start any day, the best way to realize how amazing your are, and a way to survive and succeed the mayhem around all of us. We want all M.O.M.'s to Arise and learn. Everyday we will share tips that can help every M.O.M. and maybe even give them the opportunity to share with us also. We want all M.O.M.’s to ARISE and know. All moms need to know about the world outside of our homes and communities, so that we know how we can take action and what action needs to be taken inside our homes and communities. We want all M.O.M.’s to ARISE and dance! At the most hectic time of day stop for a brief moment grab a loved one and make some memories.