About Us

Cobilynn {Laugh at Dawn}
I have a dream to be connected to other M.O.M.'s and that together everyone will realize that we are the power that fuels this world. Together we can be one voice fighting for all that is good. It is my hope that as you read this blog daily we will all be inspired, lifted up, and encouraged by one another. I am a M.O.M. of 5 loved ones in my household and my brain tends to never stop with new ideas. I love and hate this gift(only because it is exhausting at times). One of my inspirations was to write "you are a M.O.M. when..." a few years ago and my wheels have been turning ever since. I feel that if we can laugh more often about the little and big things it puts life in perspective. It is my hope that when you Arise, you start your day with a laugh or at least a giggle. Laughter is the best medicine!

Stacy {Learn in the Morning}
I am an energetic M.O.M of 4(I count my husband). My friends tell me I always have a solution or suggestion on how to fix every problem or situation. I remember the important things and enjoy helping others as often as I can. This is a new way that I can help more M.O.M.s on a daily basis.

Nicole {Know at Noon}
I am a passionate M.O.M. with the patience for weeding through all the information that is out th
ere about our government and other hot topics. I am driven by my convictions and family. I hope that I can inspire many other M.O.M.'s to learn about what is going on and make educated decisions on how we can make our world better for our families.

Heidi {Dance in the Evening}
I'm a creative perfectionist with just enough patience to get me through the day of raising kids. Some days are better than others but I'm especially grateful to have other M.O.M.'s around me to help me feel normal. Music and dancing were a huge part of my childhood. I never thought that they would have the power to help me survive a hectic day of being a M.O.M. I love to sing and dance with my kids. So everyday, check out my song of the day. It may move you to sing, it may move you to dance, but hopefully it moves you to arise!!

If you have any questions please email us at beladickinson@yahoo.com.